NSBC Launches

The National Safe Boating Council Launches New Navigation Rules Website offers educational movie clips to introduce boaters to the basic “navigation rules”

Bristow, VA (February 29, 2012) – The National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) officially launched this week, a website designed to help the recreational boater become more aware of the on-the-water navigation rules to enjoy a safer time on the water. takes a practical approach to boating by relating it to something boaters are already familiar with: the “rules of the road” when driving a car. hopes to get recreational boaters excited about learning more by taking a boating safety course. These basic navigation rules are presented in a casual relaxed manner, introducing basic awareness in key areas, including Responsible Boat Operations (the responsibility between vessels, proper lookout, and safe speed), Overtaking, Crossing and Meeting HeadOn situations.

“ is a great way to create an awareness of the navigation rules,” comments Virgil Chambers, executive director of the NSBC. “The scenarios can happen to any boater out on the water; this website addresses the most common navigation rules and boating situations, and provides resources for boaters to take their navigation rules awareness to the next level.”

The website is intended as a basic awareness resource for recreational boaters. The website provides links to organizations that offer boating safety courses to recreational boaters in their area. There is also a link to – an additional feature that includes an activity book for sale by the NSBC, focused on introducing the basic navigation rules to children in a fun and educational way by using the Boating Safety “Sidekicks” characters. also developed a printable game board free of charge for children to learn more about the navigation rules in any setting. This program was produced under a grant, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard, from the Sport Fish Restoration & Boating Trust Fund.

About the National Safe Boating Council

The National Safe Boating Council is the foremost coalition dedicated to the advancement of safer boating through education, outreach, and training. The NSBC represents over 330 U.S. and Canadian organizations committed to reducing boating accidents and enhancing the boating experience. Visit for safe boating resources and campaign materials.