NSBC Boating Data, powered by DECKEE, Unlocks Boating Insights in the United States

CLEARWATER, Florida – The National Safe Boating Council (NSBC), a national catalyst for recreational boating safety, has partnered with the award-winning boating app DECKEE to establish a ground-breaking boating data service in the United States.

The new service called NSBC Boating Data ( offers unprecedented insights and analysis of privacy-protected boating activity and behavior informed by GPS movement capture and boater data inputs.  

“We are thrilled to partner with DECKEE to provide anonymized boating activity data to empower the boating industry to better understand waterway activity,” said Peg Phillips, executive director of the National Safe Boating Council. 

“Boaters, anglers, sailors, and paddlers log their on-water activities with the free DECKEE mobile app every week. With respect for the community’s privacy, DECKEE and the NSBC strip this dataset of identifiers and aggregates it. What is left is a vast source of trends and insights,” continued Phillips.

With thousands of new activities added every month, DECKEE’s data set of billions of deidentified GPS points offers an entirely new way of understanding and analyzing boating patterns and behavior at a local level. 

NSBC Boating Data provides insights about where, when, and how people move around waterways,” said Mike McKiernan, CEO of DECKEE. “This data empowers stakeholders and decision makers to go beyond census data and answer questions about the waterways that were previously considered unanswerable, unlocking significant public safety, economic, and environmental outcomes.”

Since its launch in 2019, the free DECKEE app has been used by over 530,000 boaters worldwide, and provides representative samples of privacy-approved boating insights for U.S. states and cities.

“Our mission at DECKEE is to help the boating community worldwide stay safe, informed, and enjoy their time on the water,” continued McKiernan. “We are excited to partner with the National Safe Boating Council to offer these essential boating insights in the United States.”

Visit to learn more about how NSBC Boating Data can provide custom boating data analytics and reporting. 

About the National Safe Boating Council 

Founded in 1958, the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) serves as a national catalyst for developing a safe boating culture by providing educational resources, outreach programming, and training opportunities for industry partners and the boating community to influence safe, secure, and responsible boating.


DECKEE is a mission-driven technology company using data, innovative problem solving, and a cooperative industry approach to drive measurable behavioral change that creates significant public safety, economic, and environmental outcomes. DECKEE provides ground-breaking insights and analytics for activities on the world’s waterways.


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