New Initiative Engaging Victims and Survivors of Boating Accidents

New National Safe Boating Council Initiative Provides Support and Engagement among Victims and Survivors of Recreational Boating Accidents

Wichita, KS (September 13, 2015) – The National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) has recognized the need in the boating community to provide a single point of engagement for those persons who have survived a boating accident and those who have lost a friend or family member as a result of a boating accident. Based on direct contact with a Core Group of victims and survivors, and with support from the recreational boating safety community, the NSBC will be announcing its new initiative to be that single-source at the 2015 National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) Conference in Wichita, KS.

The NSBC’s new initiative will directly address gaps that have been identified within the boating community with direct support and buy-in from survivors and those that have lost loved ones in recreational boating accidents.

“Many individuals possess a deep desire to make something good come from their negative experience and have a perspective about boating safety that could be highly effective at encouraging practices which would help decrease boating accidents around the U.S.,” remarks Major Richard Moore, NSBC Chair. “Our initiative will address these needs expressed by those individuals, and offer much-needed resources and support.”

While the NSBC’s comprehensive plan has been enthusiastically accepted by both those that have been personally affected by a recreational boating accident and the professional boating safety community alike, we need your help raising critical funds to fully implement our short- and long-term goals. To donate to this worth cause, visit the NSBC’s GoFundMe campaign at All of the proceeds will be applied directly towards this initiative in support of NSBC staff time, website and online support, and outreach and marketing efforts.

The NSBC is also looking for more support from recreational boating safety professionals to improve our through
this important program.

“We encourage everyone that has a stake in this to get involved,” comments Rachel Johnson, NSBC Executive Director. “Whether it’s funding support, or a new idea to improve the initiative, this is a growing program with many opportunities to get involved and share ideas on how to improve our goal in engaging victims and survivors of boating accidents.”

Learn more about the program and how to participate at

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