Instructor Candidate Application

Thank you for your interest in NSBC instructor membership. Our instructors have undergone rigorous training to teach recreational boaters in accordance with the American National Standard for on-water skills. NSBC Instructors help cultivate a safer recreational boater experience by training responsible boaters.

Please complete the form below and your application will be reviewed to ensure you meet the requirements.

If you meet the requirements, you must successfully complete the National Safe Boating Council Instructor Certification course, which conforms to the American National Standard for on-water skills as verified through an independent third-party assessment process. The course is taught in a train-the-trainer model. Candidates will demonstrate their ability to teach the following skills: steering straight, stopping, turns up to 180 degree, docking, ferrying, avoidance turns, person overboard and retrieval. Upon successful completion of the course, the candidate becomes a NSBC Instructor that is certified to teach the Boat Control On-Water Training course to students.

A NSBC Instructor must maintain their membership with the NSBC and adhere to the policies and procedures as outlined in the NSBC Instructor Policy Manual.

If you have any questions, please contact us at