News A Fully Interactive Boating Safety Course

For years, online boat safety course content has been limited to video, illustrations and text material. However, boaters looking to complete their online boating education have a new alternative, as Kalkomey Enterprises, LLC recently released, a fully interactive boat safety course. This groundbreaking course is the first boater safety course of its kind to be approved by NASBLA and state agencies.

“The interactive safety course takes students on a virtual adventure like never before,” said Edward Cossette, VP of Education at Kalkomey. He further added, “The storytelling in the course engages students, while opportunities to explore varying outcomes adds to the user experience.”

In the course, the student player goes on a boating adventure with four friends. All friends have varying degrees of boating experience. While the student player interacts with the course, the four friends— through their actions and dialogs—help the student player learn various boating concepts.

In addition to safe boating practices, the course covers state legal requirements. Students can learn safe boating skills, such as casting off and docking, traffic laws of the water, state-specific rules and regulations, how to deal with emergencies, and much more, by taking this course.

Students can complete the interactive course at their own pace, starting and stopping at their convenience. Most students can complete the game within a few hours. This course is designed to be taken on any desktop or mobile device. For more information on the course, visit