America’s Boating Channel Wins 2023 Go Global Award for Maritime Services

America’s Boating Channel™, the U.S. Coast Guard funded boating safety and boater education video service produced by United States Power Squadrons® (USPS), has been recognized with the award for Maritime Services at the prestigious 2023 Go Global Awards ceremony held on November 8 in Providence, RI.

Coordinated by the International Trade Council (ITC), Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, and the International Centre for Trade Transparency, and hosted by the State of Rhode Island, the gala awards presentation represented the culmination of a three-day high-level networking program that serves as the ultimate global platform for organizations seeking to extend their reach and establish a formidable presence in the international marketplace. The government-sponsored event featured companies from all over the world vying for recognition of their outstanding achievements, innovation, and leadership.

Accepting the award for America’s Boating Channel, Grant Project Manager Marty Lafferty said, “We’re grateful to be recognized with the 2023 Go Global Award for Maritime Services. This honor is a tribute to our team’s steadfast commitment to excellence in the development of cutting-edge boating safety and boater education video service offerings. It’s an acknowledgment of our success in innovating to meet the evolving needs of recreational boaters everywhere as well as in penetrating international markets.”

America’s Boating Channel’s Achievements

This award follows America’s Boating Channel’s remarkable accomplishments during the past year during which it launched a new flagship television offering at the International Boating & Water Safety Summit (IBWSS). From its IBWSS launch, the service’s BOATING NEWS category has featured global coverage of breaking stories; and its BOAT RACES category has included power boat races from around the world. The leading European maritime training organization Seably built an online educational curriculum around the service’s safety videos. WATER WAYS TV, a program series on recreational boating across Canada has been added to the service. BORDER CROSSING, a video providing guidance to US boaters traveling overseas, has been produced and released by America’s Boating Channel. Spanish translations of the service’s basic boat operation videos have been incorporated in its television offering. The Caribbean Broadcast Network (CBN) now rotates America’s Boating Channel’s videos as public service announcements (PSAs) during newscasts on TV stations throughout the islands. More than forty percent (40+%) of America’s Boating Channel’s audience is comprised of international viewers.

The Go Global Awards and Their Importance

The Go Global Awards program stands as a testament to recognizing organizations that play a pivotal role in leading the global economy toward cutting-edge technologies and strategic prowess. The event unites a range of influential board members, managing directors, heads of departments, as well as representatives from state entities, industry groups, investment companies, and banking establishments.

The program not only recognizes outstanding achievements but also aims to encourage collaboration, idea sharing, and partnership building. The program helps participants expand their networks, explore new market opportunities, and bolster their expertise and networks.

The Evaluation Process and Live Event

Submissions to participate in the Go Global Awards were carefully evaluated by a panel of industry experts, who selected the shortlisted companies in July. The selected finalists, including America’s Boating Channel, were invited to attend the live event held from November 6 to 8 in Rhode Island. The 2023 awards, organized in partnership with Rhode Island Commerce, offered an exceptional opportunity for nominated organizations to showcase their achievements and connect with global business leaders, government officials, and potential partners.

Benefits for Nominated Organizations

The Go Global Awards provide numerous benefits for nominated entities, including the opportunity to elevate their brand and expand their network. The extensive network of the International Trade Council, spanning more than 176 countries and over 418 professional organizations worldwide, opens doors to unique international platforms for winners.

Moreover, the Go Global Awards facilitate access to potential partnerships and market opportunities. The event brings together key stakeholders, creating an environment conducive to collaboration and business growth. By winning its award, America’s Boating Channel joins a select group of top international brands that are driving the global economy forward.

About America’s Boating Channel

America’s Boating Channel™ is produced for United States Power Squadrons® (USPS) by Lafferty Media Partners (LMP) under a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. The service features professionally produced, high-definition, safe boating and boater education videos, along with boating themed entertainment and informational television programs. In addition to the 2023 Go Global Award for Maritime Services, America’s Boating Channel has been recognized with the 2022 International Boating and Water Safety Summit Communication Award for the top Video Public Service Announcement (PSA) Series, and the 2021 National Boating Industry Safety Award as the Top Marine Media Outlet.

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