NSBC On-Water Training

Our on-water training is gearing back up after a COVID hiatus. With the increase in boating this summer, on-water boat control training is in high demand. The National Safe Boating Council has two on-water courses; both have successfully completed the third-party conformity assessment to verify the courses meet the American National Standards for power. With on-water training, we are creating a safer environment on our waterways. And, the courses provide a revenue stream for NSBC instructors.

All current NSBC Instructors are entered into the national database and are free to use the NSBC logo, NSBC Instructor logo, and NSBC Course Provider kit.

NSBC On-Water Powerboat Courses

  1. Essentials in Close Quarters & Open Water Boat Control: This is the NSBC Instructor Certification course. Instructor Candidates must be pre-approved by the NSBC. Upon completion of the 3-day on-water training, Instructor Certificates are issued.
  2. Boat Control On-Water Training: This curriculum can be taught to recreational boaters, marine patrol, or marine first responders by a NSBC Certified Instructor. A Certificate of Completion can be awarded for each module, but this is not an instructor certification course. The curriculum contains 4 modules; each module is 3 hours of on-water instruction. The 4 modules are Introduction to Powerboating, Precision Docking and Boat Handling, Open Water Boat Handling, and Open Water Advanced Maneuvers.

Interested in becoming a certified instructor? Cost for the NSBC Instructor Certification is $750 (based on a course with 4 candidates) and includes: 3-day on-water NSBC Instructor Certification Course, NSBC annual instructor membership ($85 per year), NSBC instructor binder: includes both NSBC curriculums, NSBC instructor certificate, and NSBC instructor lapel pin.

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