National Safe Boating Week Impact on Recreational Boaters

Each year, National Safe Boating Week (NSBW) reaches boaters of all kinds with safe boating messages on social media, traditional media, face-to-face interactions, videos, and more! Here at the NSBC, we hosted several events that occur simultaneously with NSBW, May 20-26, 2017. This includes, Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day (May 19, 2017) and Ready, Set, Wear It! Life Jacket World Record Day (May 20, 2017). And new this year, we created a NSBW infographic, which shared a unique safe boating tip for each day of NSBW. We are so excited to share analytics from this year's outreach efforts and to brag about all of YOUR hard work sharing this safety message.

Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day

This year, nearly 200 organizations worldwide participated in Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day. Whether you work in an office, on the water, or from home, everyone can participate in this life jacket safety day! The goal of this event is to increase exposure to life jacket safety and is a fun way to educate others about how important it is to wear a life jacket at all times while boating.

There were some great stories that came out of this year’s Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day, like riding your bike to work wearing your life jacket, hosting a pizza party for your office or building wearing a life jacket, or taking funny office photos wearing your life jacket like the ones the NSBC took (see here).

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Ready, Set, Wear It! Life Jacket World Record Day

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Ready, Set, Wear It! Life Jacket World Record Day! We are inspired to know so many dedicated individuals around the world are committed to making recreational boating safer. There have been 45,695 participants since 2010 – wow!

At nearly 250 events around the world, 8,911 participants inflated their life jacket or wore an inherently buoyant life jacket on Saturday, May 20, 2017. While we didn't beat the record set in 2015, this was an increase of over 2,000 participants from last year! As for international participation, this was also increased from last year; 19 events in Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. There was one event in Australia, five events in Brazil, one event in Ireland, 52 events in Japan, one event in Nigeria, one event in Portugal, one event in Poland, and one event in Spain. Talk about collaboration on a global scale.

While every single event is helping to make a difference in educating boaters about the importance of life jacket wear, there were a few events from this year’s Ready, Set, Wear It! Life Jacket World Record Day that really stood out. Last year, the Marine Sports Foundation coordinated 105 events and broke the record for the number of life jackets worn in one day in Japan. This year, they did again! They increased the number of participants from last year by 369 for a total of 3,412 participants, with 621 wearing inflatable life jackets, 2,791 wearing inherently buoyant life jackets, and five dogs wearing life jackets. Congratulations to the Marine Sports Foundation for their continued dedication to the life jacket safety message!

And let’s hear it for another international partner: the largest international event was in Poland with 460 participants!

Here in the U.S., 39 states and two territories participated with the largest event hosted by The BMF Project in North Richland Hills, Texas, with 263 participants. 

A special thanks to Leland Ltd. and iSi Components who provided replacement cartridges and additional products to allow participants the opportunity to inflate and practice re-arming inflatable life jackets. Support also came from marine retail sponsor Cabela’s for hosting Ready, Set, Wear It! events at multiple store locations and for offering a discount on inflatable life jacket re-arming kits. You can still take advantage of a 10% discount on CO2 cylinders by using code: nsbc2017 at checkout.

We are extremely proud of everyone who volunteered to spend their Saturday – and many other days throughout the year – promoting life jacket and boating safety. The volunteers who participate in Ready, Set, Wear It! motivate us and those around them. 8,911 total participants is something to be proud of. 

National Safe Boating Week Infographic 

For the 2017 NSBW, we decided it would be a great idea to create an infographic with daily safe boating tips to assist with outreach efforts! In addition to providing content for other organizations to use, this infographic and the daily tips served as a great way to share a unified message for each day of NSBW. Our hope was to expose recreational boaters to one single message each day, allowing for a powerful, multiplying effect. And we think the results speak for themselves!

May 20, 2017: What should I do before going boating? 


Reach: 6,932
Reactions: 120
Comments: 4
Shares: 80
Post Clicks: 203

May 21, 2017: What do I need?


Reach: 13,998
Reactions: 135
Comments: 7
Shares: 109
Post Clicks: 277

May 22, 2017: Which life jacket is right for me and my family?

Reach: 42,932

Reactions: 222
Comments: 5
Shares: 135
Post Clicks: 611

May 23, 2017: What's the Danger of BUI?

Reach: 6,932

Reactions: 120
Comments: 4
Shares: 80
Post Clicks: 203


May 24, 2017: How will weather impact my boating plans?

Reach: 11,244
Reactions: 226
Comments: 4
Shares: 64
Post Clicks: 142

May 25, 2017: How does the environment affect boaters?

Reach: 6,231
Reactions: 62
Comments: 4
Shares: 71
Post Clicks: 128

May 26, 2017: What are important reminders for recreational boaters?

Reach: 4,053
Reactions: 46
Comments: 1
Shares: 43
Post Clicks: 61

This adds up to a total of 128,934 People Reached, 1,346 Reactions, 53 Comments, 896 Shares, and 3,675 Post Clicks for the NSBW Infographic and associated daily images. Thank you to everyone who shared the infographic on your own channels and for truly making this your own. In addition to the NSBW infographic, we encouraged boating safety enthusiasts to use #safeboating when posting on social media. Your efforts on social media lead to 47,636 video views, 6,981 likes, and 2,374 shares. We'd like to point out a few organizations that really stood out this year; 1) The U.S. Coast Guard for sharing the 'Even the best swimmers wear life jackets!' video receiving 27,000 views, 1,300 likes, and 528 shares; 2) U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Southwest, whose 'Life Jackets: Even the Professionals Wear Them' video received 10,000 views, 37 likes, and 128 shares; 3) New Jersey Office of Emergency Management for sharing the North American Safe Boating Campaign's Shaw Grigsby Video PSA and receiving 3,500 views, 19 likes, and 15 shares.

Check out more awesome photos from this year’s events at! If you want to share your story from NSBW or have ideas on how to improve NSBW 2018, please contact NSBC at [email protected] or (703) 361-4294.