Marina Pro Training

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The National Safe Boating Council (NSBC), in partnership with the Association of Marina Industries (AMI), received a U.S. Coast Guard Non-Profit Grant to develop the Marina Pro Training Program. The curriculum is compliant with the ANSI National On-Water Power Standard, and exceeds them in some areas. The Marina Pro Program is to develop a cadre of trained and certified professionals across the country who can teach on-the-water boating skills to the boating community.

The program uses the Close-Quarters and Open Water Boat Control curriculums for this three-day on-the-water training. The target audience is the marina and boatyard professional who will become trained and certified as a “Marina Pro.” The Marina Pro will offer their services to customers in their marinas, providing boating instruction to novices, near-novices and even experienced boaters in refining their boating skills.

Instructor Close-Quarters Goal and Student Performance Objectives

Instructor Open Water Goal and Student Performance Objectives

Instructor Boat Control Course Agenda (Three-Day) 

Each Marina Pro candidate will be assessed in their boat operation skills. They will be taught a step-by-step method of teaching, coaching and modeling skills that will be used to teach the boating public. They will also be tested in their knowledge of steering and sailing rules, navigation aids, risk management and technical boating knowledge.

Qualified candidates must have at least 40 hours of teaching experience and five years of boating experience on wheel-steered, stern-drive (I/O) or outboard powered with either single or twin engines. A candidate must also have successfully completed a NASBLA-approved boating safety course either classroom or internet and have a certificate or card of completion (copies of certifications should accompany application).

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