Link Policy

Links from websites to National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) websites:

Information presented on the NSBC websites is information that supports the safe and responsible use of our waterways or promote boating safety education. Websites that want to help spread the word of safer boating may link to the NSBC’s websites. However, the contents of the website may not imply endorsement by the NSBC of products or services. For further information contact the National Safe Boating Council at [email protected].

Links from the National Safe Boating Council websites to other websites:

Member organizations will be linked from the NSBC website to their homepage from their listing in the Member Directory. Partners and Patron and Sustaining level members will be listed and linked from the special link page. The NSBC may link other member organization pages that supply a service to the boating safety community. The executive director of the NSBC decides link from the NSBC to a non-member website on an individual case basis. Decisions to link to external sites are made after assessing relevance to the NSBC mission, benefit to the Council’s membership and maintenance factors.