Boat Pro Point of Sale Training

The No. 1 goal of both marine industry and boating safety professionals is to help today’s boat buyers maximize their enjoyment when spending time on the water. Behind that goal is the simple understanding that proper education leads to a lifetime of fulfillment aboard a boat. 

The National Safe Boating Council, in collaboration with the Marine Retailers Associations of the Americas and the Association of Marina Industries, has introduced its new Boat Pro Point of Sale training program. This online video series provides time-efficient training opportunities designed to educate marina personnel, recreational boat dealers, marine retailers and others who sell products and services to boaters on how to educate their customers on today’s safety equipment requirements. To begin the training program, click here.

The Boat Pro Point of Sale program is designed to educate sales professionals on how they can assist recreational boaters when it comes to making the right decisions about buying safety equipment and the contents of a U.S. Coast Guard safety kit. The knowledge and insight provided by the Boat Pro Point of Sale trained professionals will not only create greater boating enjoyment for the consumer, but will also provide numerous up-sell opportunities for the sales professionals and their businesses.

Hosted by Ship Shape TV Host John Greviskis, Boat Pro Point of Sale offers short, informative videos covering different marine safety products and concepts. After watching the videos, marine professionals can test their knowledge with a short exam, and once all seven sections are successfully completed, they will receive a certificate of completion and can receive continuing education credit. The program and website also feature a free safety education checklist to guide trained sales professionals on how to outfit the boater, as well as the boat. These and other features of the Boat Pro Point of Sale are available exclusively online by clicking here.

Boat Pro Point of Sale training was produced under a grant from the Sports Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard.