Instructor Training Course 

The National Safe Boating Council’s (NSBC) Boating Safety Instructor Training Course is designed to prepare instructor candidates to teach effective NASBLA-approved basic boating safety courses to recreational boaters nationwide.

This two-day course covers safe boating practices and the proper interpretation of each element of the National Boating Education Knowledge – Power ANSI Standards (here). This program also focuses on teaching techniques and interactive methods to achieve greater learning and retention. Information will be included on how people learn, barriers to learning, and qualities of good instructors. Even as a current instructor, this course provides opportunities for growth, professional development and new ideas.

The NSBC's Boating Safety Instructor Training Course benefits state programs and private companies and organizations because the instructors are trained in the NASBLA-approved boating safety course requirements
Prerequisite of Certification:
  • The instructor candidate must hold a current instructor level certification in a state or nationally recognized training program (or equivalent).
  • The instructor candidate must have a minimum of 40 hours teaching experience.
  • The instructor candidate must have successfully completed a NASBLA-approved basic boating safety classroom course.
  • The instructor candidate must have two years boating experience and be knowledgeable in the boating laws for their state.
  • The instructor candidate must be at least 18 years old.

Upon successful completion of the course, the instructor receives a Certificate of Training as a certified boating safety instructor from the NSBC. The NSBC’s Boating Safety Instructor Training Course has produced hundreds of qualified and capable boating education instructors.  

Please contact the NSBC office at (703) 361-4294 or email for course updates before making any travel plans.
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